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Compact carrier gets a lift

Dec 19, 2023 | Industrial, News

Compact carrier gets a lift

Industrial, News

The Colchester-based manufacturer produces compact load-bearing machines designed for a wide range of applications. It built the bespoke crane for London-based lifting and transport company Anatree Group Logistics which needed a compact and manoeuvrable solution for use in tight spaces and rough terrain.

The machine is based on Tracked Carriers’ 2200 Pro model which has a 2,200kg carrying capacity and is only 950mm wide.

The 2200 Pro, which is battery-powered with fully proportionate remote controls, is equipped with a crane attachment that can lift up to 990kg with 1.1m outreach and as much as 200kg at up to 4.5m.

The load bed can still carry 1,500kg, making it a very versatile product, says Tracked Carriers. The crane, which is attached to the machine with eight bolts, can be quickly decoupled if required.

Christian Elwiss-Hough, director of Anatree Group Logistics, said: “We do a lot of work in the telecoms, healthcare and HVAC sectors. For indoor working, non-marking tracked machines are required to protect the floors [and because] it is electrically powered, there are zero emissions.

“We are also installing and removing a lot of cabinets and equipment in the telecoms sector,” continued Elwiss-Hough. “In these applications we need rough terrain capabilities but there is not always enough room to berth a crane, whereas this is much more compact. Those compact dimensions are also very useful for our healthcare and retail work such as installing air handling units.

“The best feature here is that it can carry up to 1.5 tonnes on the deck so the crane can pick it up, place it on the deck and then away we go. We trialled it on a telecoms job in a remote area and immediately saw the benefits. There was not room for a Hiab truck but the 2200 was the perfect solution.”